So, you’ve embraced Facebook for business and created a page, set up your profile, added a header and uploaded some images. You have invited all of your friends and family to like your page and demanded your little sister and her friends share every post you have.

You are updating the site regularly, and you’re getting a few likes. One here, one there, with a grand total of… um, 34. Hmm. So how is this helping your business?

Your Facebook business page must be a referral tool to you, your products and your services.  Yes its great for brand awareness, sharing new products and making announcements. But if these activities don’t send potential customers your way, then perhaps the time an effort you are taking in maintaining your page is a waste of your energy.  Yeah, Yeah, I hear you say, well how am I supposed to do that?

Here are 5 FREE Facebook tab tools for beginners to jazz up your page:

  1. Add your website link permanently: This app from www.woobox.com is the easiest I have come across. https://woobox.com/statichtml – just follow the instructions to install, and once you reach the main page, enter your information.  Make sure you click on URL in the “page source” area, where you can type, or cut and paste in your web address. You can even change the tab name and add an image.  You can repeat this tool on other tabs to promote your menu, price list, facilities.
  2. Add a mini website if you don’t have one: So brand new that you haven’t set up your own website yet? www.wix.com offer a free app that you can customise  website template and add it directly to your Facebook page, telling all of your potential customers just what you do and why.  It even has a blog link to the page, and upgrade options at a fee to convert the mini page to your fully fledged website with your own domain name. This is so easy, that in a few clicks your page tab site is live.
  3. Pinterest: Adding a visual guide to who you are and your business does not need to be left to page uploads and photo tagging.  Link your Pinterest site to your Facebook page and sort your boards into the categories best suited to attracting interest. Another great app from www.woobox.com. Just link your accounts using http://woobox.com/pinterest and your ready to show off.
  4. Twitter: Have you connected your Facebook page to Twitter? Not only should you be tweeting your Facebook posts, by adding a Twitter tab your fans can easily see the other tweets you have made and click to follow you straight away. Try www.involver.com at this link http://www.involver.com/applications/ (layout demo here) or try a different look with good old www.woobox.com again (layout style here).
  5. Contact Page: Dont leave your potential customers to contact you via Facebook email, add in a professional contact page tab to make sure you get all the information you need. www.contactme.com Has a free basic app that you can customise. You can add in your location map, add in extra information boxes, tick box options, CAPTCHA filter and direct the email to your business address.  This can be upgraded for a monthly/yearly fee to further customise the look, and remove the ContactMe branding. Here’s a sample of one I have created for a client.  If you click on the branding in the bottom right corner you can add one to your page right now.

Once you have installed the apps you like, don’t forget to move them to where you want them.  Move your website onto the top row for exposure.  If imagery is important to your business, move your Pinterest tab up there too.  Just click on the corner of the tab box, select the little pencil to edit, and you can choose to swap tab places.

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